Bear Witness


It took being completely reckless for the final time to come up with the courage to tell you the truth. I know you will forgive me. However, that is still not what I want. I want you.

Love is messy, nothing is a straight line, expect the road to get your place.

People are truly amazing, humans are wonderful creatures that create art that they truly enjoy and then that’s it. Of course, they want to be comfortable, they worked so hard for so long, that they want to see the rewards for their efforts.

I took in these show. Disenchantment and Star vs The Forces of Evil. And I cannot find, no better comparison to my journey then these shows right here. Disenchantment is my personal life. Star vs The Forces of Evil is my love life in its truest form.

I want you all to bear witness of this creation of true humanity at its purest form.

I don’t care if I die, because I will live on through you, the people. You guys, are the people that are real in this world. I want my words and actions to touch you and for you to be moved. Because you are my legacy. I want to help everyone, I’m tired of this “competition in society”. I don’t care what happens after, because this life is the only chance I will get to make things happen. My superficial dreams are passed me. Now I’m focus on the things, that my inner child cared about from the beginning. Because, he is the only person that deserve to be happy. We all, deserve to be happy as innocent children. Of course we are all adults but why does that mean we can’t just be friends and be helpful to one another. This solar system is only us in it. But, there is so much more out there in the world that we can find. But, what is the point of finding it. If we can’t do anything with it. You all, may think of conspiracies and truly believe in your beliefs and I’m here to tell you. That the only thing you should worry about, is your actions and how they impact in the world. I will not be silent.

To all my friends, to all my lovers, to all the people that had the pleasure to know me before. I want to truly apologize because I have used you. I have hurt you in a way that you and I cannot comprehend. I am not person that you know. I am better than that. I am the most honest and purest person that I’ll ever be, that I can be.

I have kept to myself, in fear of everything.

I, only thought of how to repair, one relationship with my significant other. Selfish and crazy because how can I expect myself to be a changed person, when all my other relationships are still the same. So now this is it. And I am not done. I will be back everyday until I find a way to tell, you and all of the other people in my life in person, that this man cares about you . This is for all of you. I am all of my experiences and what experiences, would I have if it’s not for you.

I had the last reckless moment of my life and it was meant to be because here I am, ready to go to sleep.

Yet, here I am writing this to all of you.

I love you all. Most importantly, I love you.

With all of my heart and love,



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