Your Ideas Across Space


Even when I steal your idea, I will always give you credit, only if someone asks however. I still agree with that statement. Ha-ha.

The greatest quote from you, and you have so many is “Agree with everything that you do”. This quote speaks volumes to me now. It is screaming at the top of its lungs at a heavy metal concert. I hear this quote across space where sound does not travel. I can only communicate with you through that space. You may not know what I am saying, but I am for certain that you feel the words, I speak out to you. I know that you sense the energy that vibrates throughout my body because I share them with you. This power. I completely forgot about it.

The first two years, I used this power often, only rarely however did I feel it was on purpose. From there, it was forgotten, and so were my actions that I made in the past. I became complacent and satisfied with what I already have accomplished, as if it was the cure for cancer. This is not to say, that I am not proud, it’s just that, there is still more to do. Then the next three years came, second guessing and hesitation, were the motto of those years. Not once, did I feel, I was doing what I wanted. I was growing through the motions of what I had to do. EMPHASIS ON HAD TO DO.

Never, did I truly take in for what these things were. I brush them off because those weren’t responsibility, those were just things I had to do. Stupid me. I thought I was fearless, confident and most importantly courageous. In reality I was foolish, reckless, pussy and worst of all, A COWARD.

No more. I agree with everything I do. No longer, will I fear failure, no longer, will I fear others reactions, no longer, will I go into recluse. No longer, will I beg for your attention. I will get it my own way. I won’t fear losing you. I won’t be sacred to be bold. I am competing with only myself.

I am me. Time to get back to being the best me. The me, that can walk and breathe at the same time. A me, you have never hugged before.

From Your Secret Admirer,

Andrew Sheep

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