Screenplays (Works in Progress)

Loyalty to the Cause – A prince must chose between his kingdom or his family.

A prince in line for the throne must decide between creating his own kingdom or taking over his father’s throne.

Risk Roulette  Unnecessary pleasure always leads to unwarranted risks.

Allen, a working class man is happily married but lives an unsatisfying life. He dabbles in the recklessness and hides his risky exploits from his wife. Until Allen finds one million dollars. Now Allen has to tell his wife about it or not? Will Allen risk it all or will he spend the money with his wife?

Wandering Thru Myths – A man wants to leave a legacy behind; in the year 800.

Nikolai is the 5th generation owner of a cave tavern. He is tired of the family business and wants to make a name for himself. With his best friend, the two set out on a journey to have their name etched in history. However, will anyone care about two random guys with no discernible talents?

Depression – Finding happiness is a fruitless endeavor.

A regular man lives his daily life when a new job opportunity arise. He has the chance to leave his current life or stay throwing vodka bottles at people’s car.

Ollie the Ostrich – Ollie must help the people that hate him.

Ollie is a spectacular, respected but corrupt racer, who has been cast away by the people who brought him up. Ollie learns about, a plan to dismantle the future of not only racing but society itself. Ollie’s reputation follows him everywhere; how will he be able to convince others to support him?

An Unmarried Husband – A woman tells the story of her dead husband.

Mari’s husband is murdered. Only problem is that Mari was never married. The police must pick up the pieces as they try to figure who was murdered. Why was Mari there in the first place? Who is the actual murderer? And who is the kid that Mari is holding?

Retired Star – Hating the life that made him a star, what does he do now?

An aging star soccer player (Pablo) is considered the best loser of all time; the constant disappointment has forced him into recluse. All the while, his little brother is now on his way up to stardom and without Pablo for guidance, how will he able to deal with stardom?

Cloud Revolt – Leading a revolution or stay home playing video games.

A group of kids grow up in a country, where the future of their lives depends on the decisions they make.

At First Sight He falls for her at first sight, however she does not believe in such love.

Dakota is single and bumps into the love of his life; Kim, who is newly single and wants nothing to do with relationships. Can Dakota convince Kim that she really is the love of his life?

From Yours Truly – No distance is too far with the power of writing.

Luz and Michael, a bored couple with the desire to switch it up. The two decide to get rid of all technology from their lives and move back into their old apartments. They can only communicate via letters; so what will they do while waiting for the next letter to arrive?

A Legend in Apex – Three friends decide to become Pro Gamers.

Chris thinks of himself very highly in video games. He gets tired of playing video games with his friends. He is invited to enter a tournament with a professional team. He agrees and ditches his friends. His two friends decides to enter the tournament to show Chris that he isn’t’ all that.

Mal Dinero – A FBI agent meets the person he is looking for.

Apollo, an FBI agent at an underground poker game befriends Benu, an accountant. Benu goes on a spending spree and ends up in debt to the mob, Apollo’s target. Will Apollo be able to get his new friend out of harm’s way as he searches for the mob boss.

Deja Vu – Is it a dream? A self fulfilling prophecy? Real life?

Andrew, is living a different life in the same day and he can’t figure out, which is actually his real life. Is Andrew even living a life or is he experiencing deja vu from a parrell reality?

Guilty Concussions – How can I save myself when I should be the one that is dead?

He let his best friend die and now he can never leave behind him; even though he doesn’t always listens to him.

Tragedies of a Friend  Friends are now murder suspects running away.

Andrew and David, childhood friends commit a murder to protect the other. They have school, the next day. Police are searching. It is all over the news. Everyone is talking about it. How will they continue living a normal life?

Wallabi & Sofie – A boring couple who wants to have fun.

A couple is tired of their monotonous life and decide to travel cross-country to reach their dream destination; Alaska.

Me No Speak – With no capacity for foreign languages, three friends start a language company.

Three friends start an international consultant business with only one of them actually capable of understanding, what is going on. Will they succeed in their get rich plan or will they fail and end up in their mother’s basement?

Mans Best Friend – Can a husband overcome his desire for revenge?

Lionel’s wife has died and has told Lionel her biggest regret. Lionel decides that he will kill his cheating wife’s lover; Andreas, who is caught in the love triangle, will he be able to avoid the wrath of a jealous man. All the while Sonny, a police detective investigates, an increase in missing people.

Sword in the Nordic – You never know what you’re missing until it’s gone.

An outcast is sent out on a quest to find a nonexistent sword.

Someone has to die – When people don’t value life; it becomes a game.

A community of assassins has to find the culprit, that assassinated their top assassin. In doing so, the person that assassinate him/her become the new top assassin and with it comes riches that can fulfill their wildest dreams..

Seoul Dreams – Are you in your dreams when you meet the person of your dreams?

A man find the person of his dreams in Seoul but he can’t see her?