A Cozy Home


For the first time in almost 15 years, I am actually happy to be at home. This move is honestly the best thing to ever happened to us. Us, being our family. Our move, is the perfect reflection of what happens when you don’t take control of your life and only react to the situation around you. That old house stopped being a happy home, the day that person showed he was a monster. A monster, who happily destroyed a perfect family. A family, that I loved and was apart of. From there, it was a constant cycle of mental torture on everyone. No one wanted to speak about what happened. No one wanted to forgive. No one came out okay after the situation. Bridges were burned. Lies were the truth and no one knew what to do. I forgive the monster. I cannot say the same for my family and I get why. All I want, is to show, that we can move past this as a family. This is how we become a happy family again. I am beyond elated. For the first time in 15 years, I actually think we can be a family again. I am happy to be in this cozy home.


A brother, son and your caring friend.

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