Why didn’t I kiss you, when I had the chance. I regret it everyday. Why did you let me leave? … More


Stop showering me with praiseWhy are you blindto what I actually amYou’re drowning in my manipulationYou don’t notice that I … More


Inspired by you,These moments are far and fewThere are few times that I can think ofwhere I can actually sayyou … More

Moon Love

Red and blue, the colours of two what should we do when the two of us are obsessed with the … More

Last Time

Last time, I will ever open up my heart. Last time, I will ever tell the truth. Last time, I … More

Meet Me

Meet me when I have money when I’m able to afford flowers that doesn’t come with bees and bugs. I … More

Blame Mendacity

Another lie told another fact hidden another love crushed another person fooled you’re lying to everyone let’s tell them the … More

Coiled Around You

Wrapped around your arms to love you to never let you go to suck the air outta of you to … More

From Vika #2

Я почти в тебя влюбилась Я была так близка Думала Разобью тебе сердце И ты напишешь обо мне Но себе … More

From Vika # 1

Another love letterI will never sendThe pain is much betterTo be used in vainI wanted to sayThat your love was … More

Vacuum of Montomy

Over and over until it is all over. Shallow breathing as you walk. The air does not fill up your … More

Heart Attack

Fall on the floor.Dead in the bed.On the way home.Driving to the doctor.Seeing spots.Police trying to connect the dots.Heart stops.Take … More

Bear Witness

Hello, It took being completely reckless for the final time to come up with the courage to tell you the … More

Responsibility Woah

Hello, I found out that after all this time. I have been lying to myself saying that responsibilities aren’t real. … More

Baby Blue

The blanket is. The pen is. The sky is. The clothes I wear is. My room is. The carpet. The … More


Bad if you hold it in. Bad if you let it out. Your body does it. Everybody does it. Most … More

Slug Romance

Love me like a slug. Let’s play for hours. Laughing and toying with each other. Lost in each in other, … More

Fossils Gone Forever

Imagine all of the things we’re missing out in the world because it has been totally destroyed. Like a scribbled … More

SKY on Mars

Orange. Blue on Earth. Skies anywhere and everywhere. And life decides to stay here.

The Day

Hard work and I’m no good at it. Each day seems to get harder. Isn’t supposed to be the opposite. … More

The Slow Secret

The slower you move, the longer you live. Turtles live long and birds live short. The sloths know this secret. … More

Disappearing Act

They call me. They’re looking for me. Are they wondering why I decided to leave. Or are they thinking should … More

Foreign Blossoms

Can’t be much foreign than being with you for the first time. What about the first time after a lifetime … More

Snake Charming

You don’t have to be a snake to charmed them. You must understand however that not all snakes can be … More

Broken English

Lost in accents. Lost in translation. Lost for words. What you are saying. Is it this? Is it that? Is … More

Cupid’s Vacation

Love is not in the air. People aren’t falling in love. No one is caring. Cold hearts and none is … More

Backwards Steps

I’m walking forward and she seems to be farther away. I want to get closer and she’s right in front … More

Rainbow Affair

Around 5’o clock, and everyone stops. Some come out of their caves to see me. All strain their necks to … More

Hyena In The Brain

Crude Rude Food Mean Crying Sad Dead Weird Corny Crazy Sex Shock Object People Work All these jokes. And the … More

Science of Folding

I can’t fold a perfect fold. Edges are never clean. The lines are never straight. Clothes always end up with … More


The June birthstone is a pearl. Out of the all the stones, that they could have possibly picked, they choose … More

I’m Running

To chase Marie. To chase Rosalind. Doing it all for me. I’m sorry to all the others I still I … More

Leech for Energy

I drain you of all your fight. I give back the wonderful feelings of life. Unless I’m in no mood. … More


Traits describe the character. Characteristics gives him the life of being. Life as an individual, comes and goes as fast … More

Tying Knots

I couldn’t tie my shoes till I was in high school and now I’m this age, struggling on how to … More

Walking For 5 Months

Here’s hoping my feet will not be to sore when I start to work. Here’s hoping that the weather will … More

Records Matter More

I’m first. It doesn’t matter, we’re not competing. Such a loser response. I’m not a loser, I just don’t see … More


That name sounds scratchy. I’m a moth attracted to the light when it comes to things this soft. My baby … More


Fill it with water. Fill it with juice. Fill it with milk even put in cereal. Fill it with chocolate … More

Fire Flakes

Dali Lama doesn’t eat spicy food. Only humans are dumb enough to eat a food that burns their inside. I … More


Pennies on the ground. Pennies found upside down. Pennies in the couch. Pennies face down. Pennies falling from the sky. … More

Gross Goals

Places I shitted: On top of a car. On top of a toilet. On a doorstep. Inside a shoe. Inside … More

What you order

Can I get a 12 piece glazed tenders with 2 mchickens. Anything else? Do you want anything? Yeah get me … More

Weird Cave

I stared at the sun. Eyes couldn’t see anything expect a blob of purple, blue, green and yellow. Anything I … More

P.P Squad

Pigeons walking thru New York. Almost like they want to be us. Pigeons waiting for the light to turn red. … More

All that for what

Took you five months to grow this peanut. It tasted fucking horrible. All that planting. All that water. All that … More

Counting Sleep

I wanted to get my sleep schedule back to normal. So I stood awake for a whole day and a … More

Moderation of Life

Balloons fill up with air. I fill up with chocolate and water. I can’t pop. Moderation is warranted when you … More

Falling Leaf

Love poems that never get to their desired location. Tragic. Lives could have been changed. But what can words do, … More

Only 140 calories

In the ocean. Outside in a recycling bin. Made in a factory. 5 cents: 20 makes one dollar. Carbon dioxide … More

Sunglasses in Seattle

Colorado has snow and mountains. New Zealand has a diversity of animals and climate found no where else. Australia is … More

Red Qubits

I love many people at once. I found the one, I want to be with for the rest of my … More

Night time with her

I can’t believe life. I really can’t. Shit just kills me. I can’t spend time with her. I can’t see … More

Spider Trials

Nano-nano-nano-nano butt. You’ll never find me but you can try your luck. I’m a spider not a duck. “Quack quack” … More

Man I’m Happy

Aren’t you loving my energy! Can’t you just sense it off the sentence! CHOOPDELECTU So exicted I can’t even talk … More

Is God Real

What a pointless question. I’m tired of being here. I want to travel. What a waste of breath. Let’s love … More

Apple in the trash

Wasteful youth, a life of a never ending supply with limited parnet’s money. Signs of these wasteful youths isn’t hard … More

Authentic Chicken

I want real chicken. Why would I ever order fake chicken? McDonald’s

Winter is Coming

I can’t see. I can cry. I’m tired of all the lies. I want to come clean and tell everyone … More


Move out of the fucking street, you bum! Hurry the fuck up, I don’t care gooooooo! Why the fuck did … More

Valentines Demise

“True love is immortal and useless” – Fernando Pessoa My issue isn’t that he said this. My issue is how … More

Another Tear Drops

Another call, unanswered. Another text, read. Another thought, negative in all ways. Why am I so sensitive? Why do words … More

Station FML 101.4

Leave me alone. I don’t want you in my head filling it with lies. I’m tired of all of the … More

We almost there

You ever see yourself in a movie and you can actually see yourself going through character development. You’re in the … More

Radiant Skin

At first, all I wanted to do was just to wrap around like another layer of skin. We was flaming … More

Good Morning

Six in the morning I used to be still sleeping but for at least a month maybe three now. I’m … More

1 in 7234568321

Im jealous of everyone who is in the position to do amazing things. I’m jealous of everybody who can live … More

Quantum Something

Quantum Physics says there is more dimension than the one’s we see. Quantum Physics also says that we are still … More

Out of the Burrow

So here is a animal or person I can’t really tell. And he wakes up from his night’s sleep. Lately … More

BAD Haircut

A building made entirely out of hair with no structure, no restriction , no limits, no support but how does … More

No Feather Chicken

If a is human scared, they turn into a no feather chicken. It’s not a rare occurrence, and actually quite … More

Desert Dream

Pointless desert, in the middle of nowhere, no water. Dying in the sand, watching the sky searching for at least … More

Flight to Atlantis

There probably is going to be society underwater in the future. Shit there could be one, down there right now … More

Waste of atoms

You can see our oceans from space, since our world is 70% water. But we know more of space than … More


“Hi, I’m looking for the remoras.” “Well there’s some over there by the selfish mom aisle.” “No, I mean I’m … More

My writer’s paradox

Writers usually spend their time reflecting on the world around them and themselves as a person. Their stories are their … More

Finger Blood Bagel

I am 20 year old college student and I can’t properly cut open a bagel. Last week maybe, a cream … More

Choking Hazard

Sweet, wonderful and astounding, these three words perfectly describe my sex life. Spending a night with my lover after a … More

The silence

Missing: A person who can keep a secret. If found please don’t speak it.

Peppermint Math

Peppermint candy, is my favorite candy in the world, with M&M coming as a close second. Peppermint candy, the one … More

The derivative

Calculus can we? If you were a person, I would like to know you. Calculus if you were a real … More

Puffin Diaster

I’m sitting in my car, waiting for some inspiration to come like dentists after Halloween, thinking of the fastest way … More

“White” Bird Brained

“White” Bird Brained or simply “White”, is a status or a mindset where the entire world is just black and … More

Colored Daze

It’s clearing up after a rainy day, the mood is depressing with a splash of a pity. Rain puddles are … More

Male Eradication

Well there is more than one way we can’t get rid of the male species. First, we could just start … More

Chirping Bacon

The smell of that crispy bacon in the morning with a glass of orange juice, I can not imagine a … More

Hate the Tropics

It’s too hot, the air is too humid, I can barely breathe in these conditions. The trees don’t even have … More


The leaders of this world has us living in a society, where a nuclear winter is in inevitable. At any … More

Bug Heaven

People ask the question what happens when we die? When their dog or cat dies they ask if they have … More

The Opposite light

Near the North Pole, around Iceland you can find the Northern Lights where people say it’s a once in a … More

My Favorite Cat- Food

Waking up to a canary’s song is such a beautiful experience, as long as it’s not happening at 5 am … More

Double-Lines Race

Wake up, brush my teeth, shower, put on clothes now time to go to work. Repeat till there is no … More

Dead-Beat Butterflies

Butterflies don’t grow up with their parents. In the third grade our class was starting a butterfly sanctuary, you remember … More

Half-Eating Shark

If you was going to die what would be your last meal? Will it’s not really up to me is … More

Empty Skies

“What even is the sky?” “It’s like the ceiling of the Earth.” “Then why is it blue?” “Well who’s to … More

Suicide Food

In the digital age there will never be a shortage of videos, memes, nudes or even restaurants. People have to … More

Ocean’s Bathroom

The acidity in our beaches have gotten to a point where I get sick and breakout in hives if I … More

Watermelon Water

For 2 dollars inside a 711 refrigerator lies the most delicious drink known to man kind. Watermelon Water. But in … More

Desert Water Park

Must bring sunscreen. WARNING – There is no water Oh but what is that lake over there. That is a … More

Jails in the Suburbs

Inside every jail on this block, lives a family who are taking life day by day. Some have plans for … More

Yadier Molina for MVP

If Yadier Molina doesn’t at least place in the top 10 in baseball. I have completely lost faith in the … More

Thankful for K

Out of place, K will send you right back. She my hero, she my savior. When I go to sleep, … More

This and That

This is Us Always wondering about something Always thinking about something Always hating a new something about ourselves. Always talking … More


I saw a TV show where I relate with the main character and in this episode they let the audience … More

Do I feel sorry?

(In my head) Should I tell the truth? I don’t care about people. What do you mean? You mean you … More

The Mumbler

What? The phrase heard most by the mumbler. The mumbler can’t speak clearly hence his name, there’s no sentence ever … More

Inside the Ground

I walked through a cemetery and there was a tombstone for someone who was born in the year 1890 and … More


I remember when I first saw this name. I thought “how do you even say that”, to this day I … More

Water Dripping Leaves

Rain in the desert a very uncommon occurrence but there is always a little chance a cloud will form. That … More

Blur bleh fml

Design plans need to account for all variables. Costs may be higher than previously thought. In the end, the benefits … More

Robot’s Curse

You cannot tell a fish to stop swimming, it is pre-programmed into their existence. What are animals? If not living … More

Reality Life

Our minds tells us that where we are is our reality. Our reality is not this world where we are. … More

Sing Like Jcole

I’m your canary bird keep me in a cage. You sing, I sing. But you have to feed me, clean … More

Banana Peel Split

The past has caught up to you finally. You are starting to realize how life works. This realization. Months and … More

NO Bumblebee

No one really appreciated bumblebees till they went missing. You are so gorgeous and beautiful like the flowers, bees pollinate … More

Sun a dub

I was disappointed. I was sad. Didn’t see anything so I was mad. They call me a joke. Yet I … More

Truth is

I have been smoking and I haven’t had a real conversation with myself in forever. Healing but again summertime has … More

AK Series 3047

1997 – we came into existence, at the same time people died, parents cried and a life just been saved. … More

AK Series A

I am not sad nor depressed, or happy. Not relived or satisfied. My actions and attitude needs to change. Accomplish … More

Fish Following Algae

First came algae, then came the flea, last was the chimpanzee who couldn’t swim in the deep blue sea. I … More

What will be will be

That's what you called me. The decision wasn't made based on love if that was true, I would still be … More

Space and Water

Plenty of room but I can’t last more than 2 minutes inside. Sinking feeling in my chest, it’s like there’s … More


Fusion that’s no illusion. Scientist still figuring out how to replicate nuclear fusion. People out here practicing exclusion. Stumbling boozing. … More

Human Limits

Never doubt what humans are capable of. There is no limit on the human mind and what it can make … More

Addict’s thought

Sober thoughts with a dead mind, is it still possible to see beauty in life. No joy comes from just … More

A person

Tan complexion sitting in the bottom lower left section waiting so I won't have to face objections.Throwing money so people … More


An argument boils the blood that can feel like hot cocoa on a snowy day. That makes me forget about … More

Predictions 6/30

Okay so, Lonzo Ball is on the Lakers, but the Hawks did not come away with the first pick. Now … More

Where Do I Live?

I live in a universe, where there is a earth, a planet that I live on. In that planet, there … More

I am Shit

I am a shit of a person. I need to stop wasting my life. I need to get my head … More

Different Flavors

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Carmel, Rocky Road all these flavors but none are my favorite. They all taste good and have … More

Wonderment Honey

I know you don’t want to talk about it. I know you really want to forget about it. I know … More

The Importer

You can import anything into my heart. Let it be sugar or oil, I will make sure none of it … More

Why do you leave?

Why leave? We have food, water and all that you need. So why do you leave? Do they have something … More

Blood Drop

The blood in the skies comes down hard tonight as I realized one more day has passed without you. The … More

When You’re Mad

You make my tired eyes strain to stay awake. The nerves in my brain struggle, trying to figure it out. … More

Her Warmth

Warmth in numbers, finding solace in a bird that flies away once I give her food. Needing a light but … More

Jack and Daria

Suffocation of all the lights. Great fresh air from the ceramic bricks, thoughts from my insecurities have me such a … More

Sheer Darkness

Sheer darkness Feel the wind move across your body. and leave to another. Feel how tiny pieces of glass can … More