Shitty Person (Update 12/10)

No one got hurt.

No one knows except me.

If anyone ever asks I cannot tell them the truth.

I will have to die knowing that no one will know how much of a loser I am unless I tell the truth.

Which is scary. Thank goodness.

I am a shitty person and share no guilt.

This person once told me that I shouldn’t call myself a piece a shit because the situation that makes me feel like that has passed and I can learn from that.They told me “that I’m not a piece of shit.”

The only way I could fix this is… I don’t know by taking my life.

I didn’t want to live as piece of shit anymore.

I flushed it.

The end was in my hands and I was ready.

Until the sound of laughter came.

Well, I’m here now, a piece of shit person at your service.

It harder some days than others.

Today really seemed like the day.

Every bad day seems like the day, that I don’t even like to be up during the day.

I’m okay now.

Three years later and I still cannot say that I am over this.

At least I still don’t feel like this.

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