I remember when I first saw this name. I thought “how do you even say that”, to this day I am still not sure if I can pronounce it right.

A reader of reptiles and amphibians. I cannot fathom to think how anyone could love a dog or a cat.

And when I first heard of this mythical creature and how they regenerate limbs. I thought no way. Plus they look so cool. Their the coolest animal I know. I fell in love with them and knew from that day, I wanted to know everything about them and all of the other amphibians and reptiles in the world.

I lived my dream for a while and at one point I could have named any reptile just by looking at it. Then I realized no one else cares about animals like I do. No one really cares in the end. No one ever gets why someone would like such a ” gross, weird, icky” thing. Nobody wanted to hear my passionate speech about the beautiful creatures who get no love.

I think that’s my biggest regret. I stopped myself because I cared about other people than I did about Axolotls.

Now their opinions are hisses and croaks in the distance, faint and indistinguishable. I can’t understand people.

Axolotl have been helping scientists with great strides in regeneration. Soon I will be one of those scientist. Or not.

One day, I’ll learn how to actually pronounce their name.

Axolotl, you have always been my friend. Someday, I will bring you the fame that you so deserve.

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