Inside the Ground

I walked through a cemetery and there was a tombstone for someone who was born in the year 1890 and passed away in the year 1990.

I thought to myself, I wonder what’s the name to that character in the loud house.

I kept on walking the pathway, passing dead people and their tombstones.

Some tombstones were like mini shrines while others were small and the writing has started to fade. I couldn’t figure out if it said Aced or Aged.

There were so many tombstones bunched up together. I wondered if there was even a dead body underneath. Most were from the same family but did that mean they dig the hole up again and put other family member in there?

At the end of my walk, there was a dying tree, I looked around and saw no other trees near by.

When I die, I would like be placed in the middle of nowhere so I won’t have to live next to people.

I hope my family will love me enough.

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