How to write a suicide letter

You have decided that you want to kill yourself, and leave a note behind for others to find.

Killing yourself is a big decision and it might be your be last if you decide to go through with it; so you better eat some food because you can’t make big decisions on a empty stomach. Make sure to talk to yourself in the mirror; realize that this will be the last time you’ll ever see your one and only self.

Alright, so you still want to take your life. Fine. I will help you write your letter.


You don’t want to come off as pretentious. Don’t ever write that you are doing this to benefit the world or your family because you’re not. You realize that they’re going to have to find your dead body. Cry. They’re going to have to call the police and that’s an whole ordeal. When that is over, they’re going to have deal with pity from strangers, and most likely feel shame from their own family because their precious child died. All your fault, but who cares right.

Next, you don’t want to come off as someone with an ego. The world will not be a better place without you. Nothing will change. Your death will not affect the world at all. You will die quietly. Get rid of your inflated ego now because no one wants to hear a rant from some person who killed themselves. Where was your ego when you were alive?

Lastly, stop yourself from the self-defeatist talk. You already decided to kill yourself, so why are you going to talk about what you can’t do when you’re the one stopping yourself. Nothing is in anyone’s control. You can make all the changes you want. No one is going to celebrate your death just because you wrote deeply about your pain and suffering.

Please remember that all of your problems will not be others to solve. Your problems will still be there and they will follow you no matter where you end up. You are selfish.


Write about all of the happy and amazing memories you have shared with the people around you. People are going to love that you cared about them, even when you were hurting inside.

Write about what you want people to do with your body and stuff. People are going to be torn apart about what they should do. What should they throw out? Should they keep it hidden? Should they leave it like you never left? These are important questions, that will eat up their souls, so provide them with answers.

Write about what you will miss the most.

Lastly, write about how the life you live is being affected by only a few moments. You will see how you let these scarce moments affect your entire life. You will see how stupid you’ve been by letting other people define and rule your life. You are human. You was born to suffer and endure. You can smile at the sporadic bright spots and dream about the future you want.

Don’t you want to stop dreaming and make it happen.

This is how you write a suicide letter.

You don’t.

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