Comfortably Suffering

House arrest for the rest of your life.

“It wont be that bad.”

That was the first day of house arrest.

Now, I want to drown myself in the bathtub because I am going insane.

Indubitably, I am not going to stay home for the rest of my life.

Wait… I am.

What do I do? I literally have done everything, I can at home.

A man can only try to self improve so much in one place. I cannot clean, what is not dirty. There is nothing I can do.

I made breakfast and invited people over; no one showed up. No one ever does. Might as well get started with my day then; so I go back under my blankets and try to sleep. I want the next day to come already.

My body is decomposing as we speak.

Life doesn’t exist here. Time is only passing as I lay in my casket.

The telephone rings and I rush to answer it.

Then the dreaded question comes up – “What did you do today?”

“Nothing”, I say. Nothing at all.

I rather go to prison and get brutally assaulted in the bathroom stall.

How does one enjoy spending the majority of their life inside?

Please send me to prison. I cannot survive any longer in this comfortable home.

If I wake up to do nothing for one more day: I swear to you, I will light myself on fire to suffer through the most excruciating pain.

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