A Third Chance?

I was calmly driving down the street, listening to some song as I stop at a red light.

Then panic came.

A police car pulled up beside me.

On top of having a suspended license, an uninsured car, an illegal gun and crystal meth in the bottom of my seat; I also had a dead body in the trunk of my car.

If the police were to catch me, my life then and there would have been over. I would have been rotting in jail for at least 30 years if not life. All my future plans and wishes would have been forever gone.

The instant, the light turned green; I immediately turned left and sped through the street. I saw the police, also make a left but they were far off.

I didn’t relax. I made another turn and kept on speeding on a side street. No car behind me. All I needed to do was make a right turn and I would be in the clear. Incoming traffic had other ideas. They held me up just enough for the police to make up the distance.

The red and blue lights flashed.

My life was over. It’s over if I stopped. It’s over if I try to run away. My heart sank. The realization of all my mistakes accumulating into this one moment; I knew it. This was the end.

They told me to step out of the car. It was over.

They asked to search me. I said, okay.

They asked to search my car. OH MY GOD. I said, no. I was free. I couldn’t believe it. My guilt almost made me confess to what I had in the trunk. You could not imagine how close I was to admitting what I had done.

Thank god for my conscious, letting me know how idiotic that would have been.

Another chance at life. A miraculous change of fate. A miracle. For what? Where is my karma? Why should I be so lucky after taking someones’ life? I told myself after this; I would live a life clean and narrow, making the most of this second chance.

So much for that promise.

If only I didn’t make this right turn, that led me here now.

Alone with no where to go.

Would I be greedy if I asked for a third chance?

I promise this time, I won’t mess it up again.

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