It is Over Between Us

Oh I came, Oh I came, Oh I came
I came to you
and I wanted to show you
that I was the one for you
and then you said
you didn't want nothing to do with me
my heart was torn
I gave you some space
I didn't know
what to do without you
so I came to your door again
I told you that I wanted you, that I loved you
I needed you to survive
and I know one more time, one more chance
is all I need
to show you that I'm your man.

I said
I will make the best of it
with you
then rejection
no fucking way is what you said
leave me alone
I didn't want to see your face
You said you gave
your trust, your life, your feelings
and that I did you wrong
I couldn't make it up
no matter
what song I made for you
no matter
what I said to you
no matter
I will never go back to you

I didn't want to believe it
so I stayed a little bit longer
to see your face
you close the door on me
I cried
I didn't want this to be the way we end
it was over
way before I even got to the door
it was over
I should have never asked
for us
to be like before
it's over
between us
there will never be more.

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