Buy This

I have some extra money to spend, what should I do? I know, I should just save it for a rainy day but that is so boring. Who cares about the future when we can always work.

“No. That’s not how that works.”

And who are you.

“I’m your sensible but you can call me sensai”.

Then what should I do with money?

“Simple, keep it in the safe and do not touch it. Or keep it in the bank. Or invest in the newest trend.”

But I want to buy this thing that I saw just now. Oh look at this, we have to get this.

“Buy it tomorrow then”.

What about food, that is something we can use right now.

“Have you seen your belly? You can live with missing a meal.”

Rude, okay then why not spend it on a night out.

“Where are you going to go with no friends?”

Ouch, then should I spend it on mind altering substances?

“That is your worst idea yet.”

Ugh, then what should I do?

“Why not take it with you on your trip?”

You’re right, how did I not think about this before. Thank you sensai

“What are you going to spend it on when you’re there.”

Ummmmm. I don’t know maybe this.

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