He is Uninterested

He woke up one day and his love was gone.

He was uninterested in everything. He couldn’t stand the thought of being in a such place.

He left it behind him and stayed at his new shelter. Safe from the elements however extremely fragile to the storm brewing inside.

He stood between two pieces of paper and could not start a fire with a match.

He looked defeated and all seemed hopeless.

He said to himself, what was I doing before? He took his bag and went off to find a new quest.

He traveled across cities and made memories every step of the way.

He decided that was his new ambition. He sold all of his possessions and left behind his friends and family.

He did not want to make a future in such a bland place. He could see that his life would begin and end without a middle.

He, now lays under the sky wondering the truths of the universe. He smiles knowing that this world does have more to offer.

The uninterested man has finally found something but how long will it last till he finds himself uninterested again.

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