The Greedy Romantic

He says words that play with your heart, and makes you wonder why have I not heard this before. You start to fall for his voice and hang onto everything he says. You say to yourself why does he make me feel this way. He speaks in one tone but you hear all of it’s linguistic features. This man is the one for me. He sings you a song and now he is all you can think about. He can say nothing wrong. Now, he has you in his palms.

The man turns cold and silent. He is working on his future. You greet him with love and warmth and wait for him to speak again. He writes away the words, he wishes to say to you. He forbids you from reading any of his works. You demand strongly to get a peek, the man gives in and reads you a piece. A sweet blissful relief and now you are at peace. He leaves to work so he can continue to live this lifestyle. You count the minutes meanwhile.

He arrives to your one in a million smile. He embraces you with the warmest love you have ever felt in your short life. You close your eyes and squeeze tightly because you know you can never let this go. He sits at the dinner table with you, enjoying the meal you prepared for him. You cannot believe this handsome man with the soul of an angel is sitting right across from you. Once done, you both share stories and listen with the utmost attention. Both fast asleep or so you think, the man is up staring at the ceiling wondering what has he done to deserve you.

You wake up on his strong chest and hold his nose until he wakes. The man says good morning. That is when you realize, years have passed and he has not once shared any of his writing with you. He responds with a definitive no and an argument ensues. Do you not trust me, you say and he says no it is not that. It goes on like this until he admits the writings aren’t for you. Who are they for. No one, he says. Then why can I not read them? Because you are someone.

The man calls your name but it is no longer the same from when you first fell in love with him. You tell him if there is someone else then go be with them because I do not love you anymore. The man sighs and gives you the truth that you have been dreading. I am not in love with you. He goes on to say, that he has love for many others and that I was the one, he has truly fallen for.

I told him, that I could not be with you. How can I trust you? How can I ever put my faith into this love ever again? His only response was that one day he will make it right, that his truth for me shall prevail and that his writing will stand the test of time. So the one day I decide to see him again, I will read the works of the man I have fallen for.

I replied with a goodbye.

I cannot stand the greedy romantic. The type that can never be satisfied with the one they have always been seeking.

Goodbye because we will never be speaking.

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