Reincarnation Milk

You ever made cheesecake before.

My moms makes the best cheesecake in the world. I know people who hated cheesecake but I gave them some of my moms cheesecake and all I heard was “can I get another piece”.

You can hate a lot of things until one day you finally realize that you hate things because it’s not up to your standard of quality.

So one day you try that thing you hate and realize now at this time you don’t hate it and wish you had more of it.

Pineapple on pizza: balicious

Cream cheese and jalapeño sandwich: balicious

Cookies and cream ice cream with chicken: balicious

Peanut M&Ms with rice and black beans: balicious

Peanut Butter and pineapples sandwich: balicious

Cow’s tongue and salmon with bananas: balicious

String beans with garlic sauce and anything else: balicious

I never judge anything by looks expect for people and that’s why I love food so much because there’s no combination too crazy or too nasty.

For every combination someone has to have’d tried it first.

Trial and error that’s how we learn.

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