Petty jail

Clickbait in this century should be seen as fraud.

People who create these should be jailed like petty criminals.

Their stealing my time, putting viruses in my phone and take up space in the virtual world.

Memes account are funny. However, they’re the very definition of propaganda, fortunately they haven’t told the masses anything dangerous.

Unless you think making fun of a sensitive situation is dangerous.

The lack of empathy in this world could be a result of a bunch of parents just taking the easy way to raise their kids. Or it could because of all the memes in this world.

Parents are also apart of the problem instead of teaching them discipline, they showed kids that if you cry and whine enough you’ll get whatever you want.

If a sigh could yell that would be my reaction towards these parents and youth.

On the bright side however the video game community has really helped these kids communicate and learn how to work together.

Problem: is that now they spend their entire youth looking at a screen.

Nowadays kids have no clue about the fun of inventing games or having a real imagination in the world or even doing dangerous things.

This could be good or it could be bad but one thing for certain, this world is going to be in big trouble if they don’t come up with a video game on how to become a doctor.

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