Duck Duck Da-Fuck

Everyone shares the same brain.

That is why we tend to say lots of the same words.

Who said it first is a fact you can’t ever know.

The timing of your thoughts could be on any path at any moment of any time using your whole brain.

No one can really say who got to end of the path first because the race is only going on in your head.

Once a thought has been out in the world, a little brawl starts happening on who really thought of it first.

But what’s the use in fighting if the words are still out there the same as if you said it first.

Whoever got there first doesn’t matter it’s whoever who can actually do something with it first.

If you’re right today doesn’t mean you are going to be right tomorrow.

We’re all quacking, just some ducks can quack all around the world. While the rest of us are quacking at our local pond.

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