Valentines Demise

“True love is immortal and useless” – Fernando Pessoa

My issue isn’t that he said this. My issue is how he can say this. I would have thought for sure he would be the loving type.

I am a lover boy and I want to fall in love and settle down but I don’t know now.

I myself believe in true love. I have experienced that feeling that cannot be explained. Having a significant other helping you and standing by your side when things get rough.

How can that be useless? How can you say having a person that loves you is useless?

But isn’t love, selfishness personified. You love the person you love for your own reasons and you want that person to have their own reasons too. Is it not selfish to love someone based off of your feelings? The person doesn’t love you, they just love you for their reasons.

Like the earthworm, I bury myself with thoughts and turn useless garbage into useful waste. But I’m confused on what side my head is at.

That makes love complicated but not useless.

True love is immortal but its not useless. The more time passes, more I keep wondering of how much truth is in that sentence.

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