Whale Black Hole

Whale are mammals and breathe air. Whales used to live on land just like us. They decided that they preferred the ocean more. After millions of years of evolution, they got their wish. Now it seems like they want to make it back on land or are getting sick of the ocean literally.

Whales are being found either dead ashore with pounds of plastic in their stomach or alive as their bodies collapse under that immense weight.

The latter is the same for black holes. You see this story isn’t about whales and the miserable state of our ocean.

It’s about black holes and if they exist. Well if black holes exist that means infinity has to have an end. If there is no end that means we live in a world with just lines. Lines that loop around the universe and no matter how far you go you will never be able to escape your universe. Black holes would be a way to teleport since you’ll be sucked in and then you’ll be a butterfly metamorphosis turned into human goo till you reached the end of it where you would end up back as how you started.

If we want to study space we should get a better understanding of our own ocean since that’s the closest thing we have to time travel. Rocks and fossils can do the same but let’s give the ocean a shot.

The ocean isn’t the home of fishes or our beaches. It’s the reason why we have life in the first pace.

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