Galvanized Lips

Let me kiss you through the screen, the pixels can’t push me away. I’m kissing a picture of you.

You wearing no lipstick but your lips looking plump and red as ever. I cannot think of anyone who got lips that weren’t meant for eating.

I’m trying to move closer to you. I’m pushing matter and molecules aside, so I can see why those lips haven’t met a match yet in life.

I am moving towards you. You can close your eyes and this time your lips aren’t going to betray you. Your eyes fooling you. That isn’t your love. That isn’t your everything. That is a nobody, years from now.

Stare into my eyes and you would never know when I lie. If you want to find out the truth; ask me to kiss you right after a lie because I would never want to kiss you after telling a fact, that is untrue.

A heart connected to the lips helping you make the right decisions; a heart connected to the brain will bring logic to a conversation that needs none. There is no reason why I like you.

I do and I do not question it.

I can’t build more tension than there already is in the world. This might not even exist in a year. We maybe, met too late and too far. I’m reading too much into us.

We’ll be fine.

Your lips know my name and they want me to arrive, so they can finally feel alive. Those lips are the most intimate and exposed part of your body. I wonder what I could do to make you come with those galvanized lips.

I have to see them in person at least one time.

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