A Wicked Glorification


Burn the house. Burn the papers. Burn the pictures. Burn the powder. Destroy this place and get rid of the cowards here.

Be the hero, that saves everyone from a fire you started.

Steal from the old lady, take her purse but hold onto her keys. Walk her back home and be the saint, that protects her from people who would rob from an old lady. The next day, search for the most expensive jewelry she has. Then, sell it for pennies at the pawn shop.

Buy crystal meth, enjoy the high while you have your hands stained with blood. Your mind wasn’t present when you had the knife. You see how organs look like bloated jelly beans. What are you going to do? Call the police and tell them what you have done. Of course not.

Time to frame someone, who will it be? You rummage through your pockets to find the wallet that you stole earlier that day. You leave it there. Investigators arrest the person that was heinous enough to murder someone in cold blood.

You watched it all over the news. No one knows that it was you. What a thrill. How can I top this feeling? You’re at work teaching young kids about respect and how to be kind to each other. People compliment you all the time about how you’re kind hearted, loving and so gentle. You can’t keep a straight face.

You chuckle all the time and people ask you why. You say “oh I remembered something funny”. Little, do they know that you had a flashback; was it when you gouge the eyes out of someone? Or maybe, it was when you had three females giving you felliatio.

You lived a life of peace and serenity. You only knew the moral code. Unfortunately, the devil has burned your peace. This is all you have left now. This is who you are. The devil personified. Your humanity has gone. You don’t seem all to worried about it. You have the smile of glee all over your face.

I can’t save you.

You’re a problem that only the catholics can solve.

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