Enchanted Cynics

I would love it for one of my friends to die. I know I would accomplish everything I wanted to do if they did.

Not that I should want extra motivation to accomplish my goals. It’s just the thought of having a friend ghost by my side at all times seems pretty awesome to me.

I also wouldn’t mind other countries dropping bombs on mine maybe then I will be more grateful.

An eye for eye philosophy doesn’t seem sound but damn it is effective isn’t it. Most who commit crime don’t care. So why the surprise reaction when they say ” I have no remorse. As a person who was spared because of gun laws. I can safely say that the only thing stopping people from doing anything is there access to it. If I wanted a gun Ph.D, the only way I will be able to receive it is the years of schooling that it will require. Only those who really want it, can get it.

Everyone knows this but the enchanted cynics would rather have money in their pockets than see everyone else with it.

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