Ambitious Attempt

On these days, it is a great time to be outside and inhale a breath of fresh air.

You can think without having cloudy judgement. So today I contemplate, what is the new theories of pseudo-science and how I can make it real. Math in words, is a humbling text. No matter how far I think I got down the path of enlightenment.

A quick glance at the signs and I’m still in the land of gutnas. I have the desire, focus and even the imagination for it yet I’m still missing out on on the logic required to understand even the shortest of hieroglyphics.

The sun is setting and clouds are forming for tomorrow. A day where I lay in the bed and just let the robot out for the day.

I beat this to death at least twice now.

Who know how many times I’m going to beat it till I declare it dead.

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