“Coincidence or Signs”

Outside I was, my bare feet on the grass. Stepping on blades of grass and I think “is all of this grass the same”. What difference really is there between a piece of grass and a human? I caress a piece of grass, loving nature breathing oxygen.

“In my head”

“Quantum physics has to be incomplete since there adaptions in animals that we still can’t even explain. Some animals are the masters of quantum physics and just nature is the perfect example of quantum physics, they exists all over but we have no idea how it all works.”

It also has to apply the actual world and not just atoms because we are atoms. But they say it doesn’t”.

So why can’t we find the answer between Quantum and Classical physics

Classical physics perfectly explains the actual world but the math to explain physics didn’t even exist till Issac Newton.

So at the moment, we’re just waiting for is another Issac Newton. Sigh

I come back inside and go on my phone and read this article.

All I can think is this a “coincidence or sign”?

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