Radiant Skin

At first, all I wanted to do was just to wrap around like another layer of skin. We was flaming with jokes and affection, the fire we started burned through the roof of our house.

We deiced to build another story because we grown to tall for our ceiling, I suppose it  must have been from all of the birds we was eating. The construction went flawless, just as you were on that day in the sand. The sun was behind and as it was setting, I could have swore the whole sky turned cotton candy pink with comets shooting up in the skies spelling out your name. I told you to turn around but you missed it.

Just like how I missed all of the signs of us oxidizing from the dreaded killer of certainty. It was too late for me to be saved so I wanted to save you but how selfish of me to take that decision away from you. How stupid could I have been to think you wouldn’t want to be my side as I was taking my last breath?

But you were always the resilient one and you stood near me when I gave up hope. That love was contagious and I was more than willing to be the vessel for its contaminants.

We come to now where we both live in different houses with a roof so high up that we had to get a building permit from planet XZYX. We’re next door neighbors but have no interest in borrowing a cup of sugar unless you’re making us the radiant coffee that you’re so famous for.

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