Dead-Beat Butterflies

Butterflies don’t grow up with their parents.

In the third grade our class was starting a butterfly sanctuary, you remember those domes or like a tall cylinder shape net where there was butterfly larvae. Then it turned into a caterpillar where they ate leaves and the class gave them sugar water. Crawling all over the dome and then one day they were in crystal going through metamorphosis and become official butterflies. Then they would start to flying around and it was finally time to let them out. The other kids either were chasing the butterflies to see them one last time while the other were trying to squash them.


That’s what I remember hearing one kid say after his friend squashed a butterfly. I thought about his parents and how they would be sad but then I realized he never met his parents like he was just born.

No nurturing, no care, no love.

They’re dead beats I bet butterflies are just dickheads from a past life who wasn’t as bad as a mosquito.

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