Water Tower

I climbed a water tower today.

Our water tower is in the middle of the woods between my high school and some middle school. The ladder to the tower is about 10 ft off the ground. I brought a rope to lasso it to the ladder. I was pretty scared at first since getting to the ladder meant I had to pull myself 10ft up.

Once I got to the ladder, it was exciting since now all I had to do was climb to the top. Expect for the fact that there is nothing for you to keep you from falling. Or the fact that everytime you climb, you have to look down so you won’t miss a step and fall.

When you finally reach the top they don’t tell you, that there is a door keeping you from getting in. Thankfully for me it wasn’t locked. Would have been all for nothing if it was. I pushed open the door and had some floor to walk on. Finally. I pulled myself over a gate to reach the peak which was even more nerve racking. Knowing that it’s slippery and you could go splat if you slip.

At the top, you see the whole town and the other taller buildings out in the distance. Not to mention all the other water towers. Being at the top really made me reflect on how modern society has really evolved. Making these water towers a great replacement for a mountain.

And then I said to myself “how the fuck am I going to get down”.

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