Cardinals Off-season

I really hope the Cardinals don’t sign Bryce Harper or Josh Donaldson. I hope we stay away from any “injury prone” players. The Cardinals really need to revamp the bullpen, I don’t care if we have talent, we need actual production from players no matter where we get them. Miles Mikolas was a godsend last season if it wasn’t for him, the Cardinals would have been a big disappointment. I truly believe Marcell Ozuna is going to produce again, he just had a bum shoulder. Our offense isn’t as bad as people think it is. We need to get back to the basics, pitching and defense. We have been a doo doo defensive team and we can’t be giving away free outs when our offense is streaky and I don’t see that as bad as people think. The Cardinals need to make a trade with someone. The Cardinals need to sign Craig Kimberl. The Cardinals don’t need to hit the panic button because I see the cubs regressing again and I don’t expect the Brewers pitching to be as good as it was this year. The Reds are going to surprise people, I think. The Pirates are always there annoying teams and I don’t see next year being any different.

Overall, the Cardinals need to make some additions to fortify the bullpen and infield defense. And I pray to God we don’t lose Jose Martinez for nothing.

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