Yeah you’re smarter than Albert Einstein

Everything we do, everyone we see and everyone we know, obeys the laws of physics.

Depending on who you are there probably is either 1 or 2 set of physics.

One of them. Classical physics aka Newtonian physics aka the laws that all of the macroscopic world follows. Macroscopic is anything that is bigger than an atom.

The second being Quantum physics which is the laws that anything smaller than atom follows.

If your on Albert Einstein’s side than no there isn’t two sets of physics but one unified theory that everything/one follow which still has yet to be discovered.

But if you’re a Bohr fanatic then there is two separate types of physics. Which is for some reason perfectly fine to you even though the entire world is made up of objects smaller than an atom.

Surprisingly, a lot of scientists actually is on Bohr’s side of the argument and unfortunately for us that means there is people who thinks they’re smarter than Einstein.

All I know E=MC^2 and to think that the sun is just there because we see it there means a lot of people have a lot of hot air in their head.

It’s okay to be wrong, no one can always be right so why all the complaints that I am wrong.

From Earth to a galaxy 150 millions light years, we all follow the same laws of physics yet logic still remains to be seen anywhere else but here.

My question is what if there really is someone smarter than Einstein? What would she/he come up with?

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