Cardinals News 07/20

The Cardinals were playing the New York Mets at Citi field today, and I was lucky to have tickets to 3 of the 4 game set.

First Take,  it has only been a month since I said that Paul Dejong should be playing and look at him now. But what I was not expecting is that they really sent down Diaz to the minors.

Second Take, we are officially watching the 2011-2012 cardinals because are bullpen cannot keep a win. Today being a prime example, with Brett Cecil giving up the tying run to Flores, that is 3 games the cardinals has blown in 7 games since the All Star Break and that is not good.

Third Strike, the Cardinals at this point of the season, can’t really do anything for any upgrades- trade market is a bust – but as any true Cardinals knows if you want to keep on winning, the rule is to know when to lose.

Go Cardinals.


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