Hummingbird Heartbeat

Talk with righteousness and keep your deceit.

Share secrets that do not belong in your possession.

I want to hear the stories entrusted to you.

And in the span of a hummingbird heartbeat, let me discover the unpublished, the unwritten, and the unrevealed.

You reject me and deny my chance with you. Stingy. I see, why they have kept their faith with you.

Were my words not enough to persuade you? Regrettably, for you, words are not all that I have.

And in the span of a hummingbird heartbeat, that mind of yours has changed; has it not?

That guard of yours has fallen, your innocence has wilted and you have betrayed everyone.

Trust has lost all meaning with you.

What will the people say? When they realized, you buckled under the pressure, and brought impending doom to their lives.

Will you run and hide? Will you face them all and state your extraordinary case, that led to this foregone conclusion?

In the span of a hummingbird heartbeat, your reputation is tainted, soiled and forever blemished.

And what was it all for? Do you regret that your future is forever changed by this moment?

No. I would have thought so, because for a hummingbird heartbeat, you finally felt at peace.

That is the burden of a hummingbird heartbeat.

Peace for a millisecond, and never-ending repercussions.

May it be forever ingrained into your head. May you live in that moment until the end. May it be immortal.

Pleasure doing business with you. Enjoy that hummingbird heartbeat,


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