Gone Is My Midnight

None of my thoughts are going to save the world. Must I stay up all night and break records. The night has lost its wonder. Stars are covered by the night sky, in which I no longer get to see. Sleep is what comes next. My moon has become a signal; to prepare for the next day.

I miss the life, that the night brings.

Midnight is a minute too far. I should close my eyes. The life of the average adult doesn’t suit me. How can I one stand the morning dawn? Where are my friends that would agree with me?

“Vampires do not exist. Only women.” I have lived at night, long enough to know that both are creatures of the night.

Gone is you.

Gone is my midnight.

Gone is my life that I once knew.

Gone is the life that I was so used too.

Gone is my midnight, soon I’ll return to you.


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