Gila Monster

The only one.

My forever.

Come back to me…

I cheated, not for lack of love.

I cheated because I have so much love to give.

I love you, that nickname was yours and yours alone.

My Gila Monster.

Talk to me again.

Why does it matter if I cheated?

You were the one that I came back too.

You were the one that made me realize that it was a mistake.

You are the one, that I would never leave.

Can’t you see that I’m not cheating on your love. I love only you. The others are strangers to my life, that I only wanted to play with.

I love you my Gila Monster.

Maybe I… [Gila Monster cuts me off.]

You have so little love for me… You went out to find love from people, who don’t even understand you… I was here with you, all this time… You left me to find another better toy… All I am to you, is someone you can stick your dick inside. Well I hope it was worth it.

I am not yours. Nor am I a Gila Monster.

Goodbye. Thank you for breaking my heart and wasting my time.


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