Why didn’t I kiss you, when I had the chance.

I regret it everyday.

Why did you let me leave?

When you looked at me, did you mean it?

I still think about, how different life would be.

Do I ever pop up in your head? Like you do in mine.

Why didn’t I kiss you, when I had the chance?

Do you ever wish, I actually did?

If you saw me in the street, would you recognize me?

Was it you? That day at the park?

I’ll never give up on finding you again.

When we first met, we didn’t know, who we were.

Would I be able to find you now? It’s been so long. What was your name?

Why didn’t I kiss you that day?

I am afraid. I will forever remember that moment. No matter, who else comes into my life.

I should have taken the chance.

Now, I live endlessly knowing, that I will be internally mortified for the rest of time.

Asking the same question until I die.

Why didn’t I kiss you, when I knew you were all mine?

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