Nuisance Of a Brother Bully

He is angry. He is selfish. He is always yelling. He takes everything for himself. The worse part of it all, is he hates you for being born. You messed up his way of life. He has, not the slightest inclination to be a good person. Unfortunately, you are stuck with this bully for a brother.

He comes back from school. You wish that he had a good day. If he doesn’t, he takes out his anger and frustration on you. He is being ignored and being bullied himself, at school. Now, you have to deal with it. He takes everything out on you. He is sad and he wants you to be sad too.

He wants nothing to do with you. Your existence is a nuisance to him. Pray for that something will change because you know that, tomorrow will be more of the same.

When some days are better. He is an good mood and he acknowledges you. He lets you play with him and you understand the phrase of brotherly love. However, that doesn’t happen as often as you like.

Most of the time, he will yell at you, call you names and hurt your fragile emotions. Only seven years old, and still he hurls verbal abuse at you. He laughs, its all a joke to him. You go to your mother, who doesn’t help to stop the bully. You have to fend for yourself.

He is the antonym of protective and caring.

You try to sit next to him on the bus; he refuses and forces you to sit all alone. As you cry, he will only laugh, not caring one bit about your emotions. For the rest of years, there are some nice moments. As time passes, it seems like he turned over a new leaf; regrettably, looks are deceiving.

Your bully of a brother has been terrorizing you for all your life. Yet, he doesn’t realize. He thinks that after all those years that you can forget all about it. He thinks that stopping and changing who he is now; has eliminated your reason to be resentful.

Less, he forget all the constant bruises he has left on your arms and legs. Laughing and making it your fault for having such soft skin. You were meant to be his punching bag.

I wish, I could make him feel, the way I felt all these years.

Little, does he know, no matter what he does; he will always be my bully of a brother. I wish he would die. I don’t hate him. I also, wouldn’t miss him if he disappeared forever.

I am sorry to my siblings for being the bully brother. I rue the day I was born. I hope that I can make all the wrongs, right one day. Until then, I will continue to live out my life in anguish; avoiding and despising that bully of a brother.


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