The fantastication of drowning appeals more to me, with every passing day. The sea has no reflection, and if it wasn’t for the waves; you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the pavement and the opaque sea.

Thrusting and thrashing; I imagine I would change my mind after a few seconds of struggling. That is why, from the start, I would vigorously push myself to reach the bottom of the seafloor.

In doing so, I will make it impossible for my instincts to save me. However, I do take into consideration, a worthy adversary. Adrenaline, a fickle foe. As it will allow my body to surpass for what I thought was capable of me. Unlucky for adrenaline, it can only do so much with no air.

By the time, I can see the surface and my hand pleads to the heavens; I will have already gasped for oxygen. And, in the concluding moments of my life, my hand will reach out and pierce through the opaque sea.

I don’t want to die.

Someone, please reach out to grab me.

Death in the opaque sea is inevitable, no matter how much you flounder, no one will be there to see if you need rescue.

It is over for me in the opaque sea. As I sink down, there is no more thoughts. For all I am; is a fish fantasy, nutrients for even the algae.

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