Belly Aching

That uneasy feeling, you get in your stomach out of nowhere; comes from the betrayal of your beloved. You are being forgotten and deceived.

I would encourage you; to immediately question the person that has your utmost respect. Question your lover. Question, the person that gives you doubts.

Your gut is connected to the emotions of the outside. Emotions, that defies the logic, that we cannot know. Your gut will keep you alive when your mind will guide you to the devil’s home.

Those times, where the urge to use the bathroom is too great. Where your stomach feels filled and queasy. When nothing happens as you sit down. This is the number one sign that anxiousness has a hold of you. Your stomach is trying to save you. It wants you to take the time to realize all the details. It wants you to calm down. You don’t have to use the bathroom.

Figure it out already. Your stomach is tired of you ignoring all the signs. Make the decision, that your gut agrees with. No one else will ever give better advice. Now, do you understand, what is going on?


Someone is cheating on you.

And you don’t even know.


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