Lost Everything

He went into the fire.

He was a tall and beautiful man. A true Greek god. Men were envious of him. He was constantly disturbed, by the sheer amount of females that would beg for his attention. Random strangers asked for his name. He had a humble job as a dishwasher; however everyone treated him with the great respect of a Royal. The owner of the restaurant, made it a point to always greet him. Everyday, he offered him with a position he thought, would be better suited and more dignified for a person like him. The man always refused.

Yes, the Greek god had it all. He could do no wrong and he was loved by all. Then, as he strolled around his neighborhood this certain day, he caught the smell of smoke, that led him to a burning home. An hysterical woman on the ground, pleaded to the bystanders, that her daughter was still in there. She screamed “Please, someone save her”! Someone in the crowd said that the firefighters were on their way. She cried louder knowing it would be too late for her daughter. The Greek god put his hand on her shoulder and asked, “where is your daughter.” The mother astonished that such a gorgeous man would ask, was too stunned to speak. “WHERE!?”, the man firmly repeated. She came to her senses and said “on the second floor, the third door to the right.”

The man ripped a piece of his undershirt and wrapped it around his face. The house was crackling, furniture on fire but the stairs were still working. He found the girl, unconscious and laying on the ground. He picked her up and ran back. Unfortunately, the stairs collapsed from under him and he fell on his back, to the floor. He yelled out in pain but never did he put down the girl. The house started to tremble and pieces of burning wood, started to fall from the ceiling. He made it outside but at what cost.

By the time, the firefighters and paramedics arrived, the man was already on the ground; collapsing from shock. A few days has passed and the man received news that the girl did not survived. In his grief, he did not care that his body and face were wrapped in bandages. No stranger came to the man and called him a hero. Only criticism, that what he did was dangerous and idiotic. The man cried and wondered if what he did was just. He thought to himself, that people wanted to say “the child was hopeless, she was destined to die, why would you go into a burning building? He assured himself, that no matter the outcome, he wasn’t wrong and that at least he tried.

When it came time to take off the bandages, he couldn’t recognize himself. The Greek god was no more. He returned to work and the owner stopped greeting him after his first day back. The looks of admiration turned to disgust. No one respected this burned monster. Strangers ran away from this monster. Nobody would give him the time of a day. Nobody cared for his existence. Only disgust for a man, they thought shouldn’t exist. The man did not care. For the man, his life has not changed.

The friends that visited him in the hospital never left. They showered him with praise. They were proud of their new monster. He laughed with them, as they made fun of his new grotesque appearance. The mother of the child eventually found him. She thanked the man for saving her child. She was thankful, that she was able to see her daughter one more time. She said, that if it wasn’t for him, she would not have been able to lay her daughter to rest. The mother and man stayed in each other lives for years to come. In the end, they ended up getting married and had a child of their own.


For the beautiful man, has lost everything.

Yet, for the selfless man with the heart of gold, he has lost the distractions that plagued his entire life.


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