The Last Cigarette

I might…

I have to be careful with what I say. You never know when someone can barge into your room and catch you smoking. I’m a hypocrite. Don’t judge me Lil Uzi. I know; I constantly talked about how bad it is. I know; I bragged about, how I would never do such a thing. Go away, Lil Uzi.

Home alone and out in the balcony; I still look over my shoulder to make sure, no one sees me. What does my dog think, when she sees me? I wonder, if smoking in front of her, is bad for her health. Ha, a dog with a smoker’s cough. Yesterday, I had an important meeting with a Japanese man. He said, “tomorrow, we will make our decision. Be ready for our call. We won’t call a second time.”

My stomach is floating in suspense. I haven’t eat anything. Waiting. He never said, when he will call. I woke up at five in the morning today and it is almost midnight now. Still, no call and this is the last cigarette of the pack.


Yes… Yes… I understand… Thank you… Yes… You, too… Have a great night..


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