Triplets: Of A Species

There was a dead fish on the floor and one of us decided to eat it. That one was me. It was a change of pace from the usual garbage I ate. Delicious. I decided that, from now, I will only eat dead things off the floor. No more basic microbes for me. Living this lifestyle, made me isolated. None of my friends wanted to talk to me. My girlfriend broke up with me and I was all alone.

I wandered the ocean, as a flat, skinny, good for nothing worm of the sea. I scoured the floor for the delicacy, that is dead fish. Enough time has passed, that word got around that dead fish was the superior meal. I wasn’t the only one now. I was in the middle between of the Alias and Lilly, a trench, where I met her. Her name was Bella and we had the best sex of my life. We ended up having three kids and then I was eaten by a passing dickhead shortly after.

It’s the world of now. I came to consciousness and I am still underwater. What a drag. If God wanted to reincarnate me, why couldn’t it put me in the world above. In this body, I have eight arms that do whatever they want. I am afforded the ability to change into whatever I want. Yet, I still have to worry about some monster eating me. Here, the water is much more murky and salty but I don’t mind that much.

In this new world, I have much more freedom and a lot more hotter babes. The food here is not the best but I can’t complain. There is food all over and I think my favorite has to be the baby octopuses. Others, may think that I’m little insane but I don’t mind too much. Everyone else is. I cannot wait to finally put my penis inside someone. Well, I finally had sex now; and my body is dying on me. I should have waited for the right person. At least, the sex wasn’t that bad.

Fuck me. I am back here. I am alive and I only have two arms. I can’t do none of the things, that my old body used to do. This time, I am on the other side, so thank you God. For what I lack before, I have gained the ability to change into anything I want to. There’s this thing called smartphones and I can watch all the porn I want there. It’s amazing. The hoes out here is bountiful and plentiful. I can have all the babies in the world, and with the amount of times, that my penis is stimulated, I think that is my sole purpose here.

The food has to be the best ever. I could eat anything here. My life is much less complicated from a survival standpoint but societal wise; wow; I am struggling from the pressures to not kill myself everyday. I may not have to fight off constant enemies and monsters like in my past. However, dealing with this “depression” is certainly the hardest challenge I have faced so far. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t taking its toll on me. Anyways, I am going to start taking this drug called fentanyl and hopefully I can live my life again, free of this disease.

Dead and forgotten.

I wait for my next life now.

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