Inspired by you,
These moments are far and few
There are few times that I can think of
where I can actually say
you are far from me.

These moments
Cherished and blessed
Forgotten in the passing days where my loneliness exists

Existing, so far away makes me insane
You make me insane
Your opinions are not the ones to make me agree

I will agree
That I am inspired by you
I continue because of you
I miss you

Simply irresponsible
You have taken over me
You understand that this isn't the real me?

Conforming to your beliefs
Living your fantasies
Abiding by your rules
This isn't me
And yet

The moments where you still love me when
I don't agree
I don't conform
I don't think

You stay you
The moments that you keep making with me

making more moments with me
I love you already
You convinced me.

You are the moments
Moments that will make me forever happy.

I hope to have forever
Continue to have these moments with me.

If you were to share your moments
With another.
I swear to you.

That there will be nothing left of me

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