Penny Penguin

A penguin starts talking to a polar bear.

“Hey Wallace.”

The polar bear replied, “what happened Penny?”

“Why can’t I fly like the other birds up in the sky.”

“I don’t know Penny. Maybe because you’re fat and your wings are too small.”

“That made me sad. I’m going to go home.”

“Don’t be down, Penny. You may not be able to fly but you can swim faster than anyone. I wish I could swim like you.”

Penny leaves Wallace behind, as she heads to her igloo, to sulk. In her flightless despair, she lays on a pile of snow and thinks about how great it would be to fly.

She daydreams about how life would be. She thinks about, how she would do flips in the sky, sleep on the clouds and poo on Wallace.

She would fly across the blue ocean, past the white snow and find the legendary grass. Right as, Penny is about to touch the grass in her daydream, there’s a knock on her door.

“Oh. Great Bird.”

Penny opens the door and it’s Wallace.

“Wallace, why…?” He interrupts Penny and tells her that she has to come outside.


“A strange glowing rock came down from the sky.”


“For real, everyone is looking at it right now. You have to come see this.”

“All right.”

Wallace takes Penny to see a huge, glowing, emerald colored rock. Penny tries to get closer but one of the bears warns her:

“DON’T. Those birds over there got too close and now they can’t even fly.”

“What you think would happen, if I touch it?”


“Why would you want to touch it”, says Wallace.

“I feel like the rock is reaching out to me.”

A leopard seal pops out of the water to observe the situation. Penny sticks out her wing as everyone waits in silence.


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