No Ring Needed

Andrei proposes to Alyona.

Today, marks the fifth year anniversary of Andrei and Alyona being together.

They have made many remarkable memories like: sky diving , scuba diving, cliff diving and all types of other diving. They slept in the jungle, in the snow, at the beach; all with no bed.

They have walked, ran, biked, drove and crawled all over the world. They have done everything together.

The next logical step will have to be, to get married.

Andrei brings Alyona to the lake where they caught their first fish together. Andrei pulls his canoe into the lake. He carries a packed basket, filled with chocolates and alcohol.

“Alyona, come over”, says Andrei as he takes her onto the canoe. He rows out to the center of the lake.

Crystal clear water, allows the two to see fishes, all the way at the bottom. The crispy air keeps the mood romantic as the mountains surrounds them. Convinced, that this is the perfect time. Andrei holds Aloyna’s hands and says “Alyona, I love you.” In which she replies, “I love you too, Andrei.” Andrei goes on to say:

“Alyona, when I first met you, I always thought if we could even make it this long. However, I come to see, that this is only the bare minimum to our time together. I never realized how you’re sense of self is the reason I gravitate to you. I don’t want to get married because I want you forever. I want to marry you because it is another celebration of our love. I never imagined that this would be my life. Thank you Alyona for letting me live outside of my imagination.”

Alyona is silent.

Andrei flustered by the silence, says:

“I know you don’t like titles. And technically, were not even a couple. Despite, all of that I still want to make this, our one and only official tittle. Husband and Wife… Alyona, will you marry me?

Andrei pulls out a glistening ring. Alyona cannot hold back her tears.

“So.. What do you say?


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