Get On the Plane

I embrassed myself. Give me a minute. I have to answer the phone. I realized, I didn’t tell her truth. She caught me in the lie.

Translation- I have to go now. Bye.

I might as well, get on the plane. Change my name. Start a new life. Maybe in Portugal like how I always wanted. What’s wrong with me.

I want to attach myself to someone. Skip all of the boring – getting to know each other and go to the part – where we love each other.

I know, you are who I want. Let me be yours already.

Am I the only crazy one in the relationship.

“What relationship? We only been talking for a week.”

Yes and that’s marriage to me.

“Why are you clinging on to this dream that will never happen? It’s over. Get over it and move on.”

Get on the plane already and start a new life.

I will. I promise, I will. Let me stay, a little longer; I want to see how it’s going to work with this new girl.

No. Get on the plane already.


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