If you loved me, the way I loved you. I wouldn’t care about, what my love says.

What should we talk about? What can I say to you? Discuss about the bloody carpet in the room. Can I ask you?

When I see you, I get this sensation in my body and my blood twirls. I sense your precious aura. I am so grateful and glad that you are here.

I want to kiss you in front of everyone. Consequences, be dammed; I am married only by name. I give myself to you.

What is it about you that makes me want to throw everything away? Will you meet me tonight? I cannot last much longer. I cannot write to you anymore. I need your being. My appetite cannot be quelled simply through words.

I have to eat you. I am thinking about you.

I am already tired of her. I will tell her some lie.

How gross it is. You must be appalled by my lack of loyalty. Is it becoming distasteful to you; the thought of us?

I know. I am married . I should not have these thoughts. I should not write to you.

That is why; I stopped.

I had to stop talking to you. That is why I haven’t written to you.


Why of all times you decided to write back to me? You wrote to me, the day I stopped thinking about you.

I am done with us. And yet, you wrote to me. This joy cannot compare. Filled with glee, my euphoria opens , my reality reads and my being cannot believe.

You are thinking about me. And you asked, an extraordinary question.

“Will you leave your wife for me?”

Of course, I would. In a heartbeat.

Alyona could never compare to you.

That is what I wrote to you and now I await your reply.

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