Farming Together

Alyona: Oh! This is where you have been. I was calling your name inside. 
Andrei: What happened? 
Alyona: Nothing. I just wanted your attention. What are you doing here?
Andrei: I'm digging holes so I can put new fences in.
Alyona: Why? 
Andrei: Because one of the sheep managed to get out.
Alyona: How do you know?
Andrei: Because I found a sheep skull when I walked into the woods over there. 
Alyona: Did you take the skull? 
Andrei: Of course, it's in the barn 
Alyona: Who was it? 
Andrei: One of the no names. So yeah, have to make sure that doesn't happen to Penny or Dakota.
Alyona: Can I help?
Andrei: Well I have to dig the holes first so...
Alyona: I want to dig holes. Good practice for when I have to bury you. 
Andrei: There is another hole digger by the hay stack in the shed. 
Alyona: Alrighty.
Alyona and Andrei spend the rest of their Thursday, digging holes.  They talk about everyday things: bills, chores, the farm animals and then one of them brings up the dreaded topic...

"Why don't we have a baby"

They both would be quick to say that they love each other. Both would even say that their world would not exist if it wasn’t for the other.

Still, the two avoid the topic of babies. Even though, they both wish to have one. In the ten years, they have known each other, five of those being while married; one of them has always brought it up.

Last time, it was Andrei when he and Alyona went to the local park to play Frisbee. A youth soccer team was playing. Andrei saw how the parents were so engaged into the game; cheering their kids on and talking with the other parents. Andrei envied them. He talked to Alyona about, why they don’t try to have kids. Alyona stood silent for a bit and said “can we play first”? And that was that.

Today, Alyona was the one imagining, how it would be to have a child. She pictured having a daughter dressed as a cute little cow girl running around with a lasso trying to catch the little calves. Having Andrei teaching her how to milk the cow, the same way he showed her. Alyona decided that after dinner, she will bring it up.

Alyona blurts out to Andrei that she doesn’t care. She wants to have a baby. Andrei confused swallows his food and says “what”? Alonya explains to him, that they are ready and that they shouldn’t wait any longer. Andrei with no way he can escape this conversation, admits to his fears.

He is scared that he won’t be enough for a child. He is scared that he won’t be able to be a good father. Alyona is relieved because she knows that he will make the best father. That he will be the most loving and patient parent out of the two.

She tells him that he has nothing to worry about. Andrei loves Alyona and asks, “well, do you want to try having one today?”

The two run up the stairs and head to the bedroom where Andrei undresses Alyona and starts eating between Alyona’s legs.

The rest is private.

The next day, the couple is outside farming. Alyona is picking up eggs and Andrei is giving the goats bread.

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