Blondie in Belarus


She’s looking out of her window, watching the rain come down from the clouds. She enjoys the light breeze as the rain gently falls on her face. Oblivious, to the fact that her true love is crying in agony over her.

Her blissful ignorance keeps her from ever knowing. Never attaching to anyone as she lives her life, single and unbothered. The rain starts to pour down harder and she shuts her window. The cloudy evening fills her room with a lovely grey. Neither happy or sad, she can lay on the floor without any thoughts. She doesn’t think of the future. She is not bothered by her past. She is present and awaiting nothing. She is perfectly content with the life she lives.

Her true love lives, quite the oppositely. He is tormented by the bright sun. He secludes himself into a dark closet, cursed by his own ritual. He anticipates; the day that his life will come together. With each day passing, he is tested on his forbearance. Ignorance, is his demise as he willfully fails to see that the more he waits, the more he will have to endure.

He cannot possibly be this fool-hearted; to believe that waiting in a lake with no fish, that he will catch one eventually. Yet, he is. He has stupidly made the decision to wait for his one true love. When she has no idea, who he is.

She lives her life. She goes to school. She studies. He sleeps.

He writes a story about a blond girl in Belarus. Someone, that he loves with all of his heart. Someone, he knows nothing about. And still, he decides to spend the rest of his life waiting for her.

What a sorry fool, doesn’t he know, to never fall in love with a blondie in Belarus.

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