The Autonomous Region

Fight. Beat him up. Leave him bloodied and on the floor wishing he was dead. Don’t let him rest. Keep him up at night; remind him of how worthless he is. Make him wish he was dead.

No luck. He is still alive. What do I have to do to make him quit? He should have no will to live and yet he keeps going. Let’s drag him back home. Shackle him to the wall. He wants to live, then he will. He can go ahead and live a nothing life.

What is wrong? Aren’t you happy? You finally put him in his place. Did I though? If he still has the will to continue then have I really taken his hope away? Why not, take him to the autonomous region? Where is that?

I’ll take you…

What is this place?

This is my home. It has been deserted since the war. I used to live in the basement of this apartment building. What happened here? Why is everything in ruins?

There was a group of people, who heard voices telling them that if they destroyed society; they will be able to go to heaven. And so, this cult starting bombing everything. My parents were lucky enough to escape but most were not. After the cult succeeding in destroying everything, they started to commit mass suicide.

Wow. This place has to be haunted. Alright, let’s bring the man here, to become possessed by a tortured soul.

“One day, I will be free.”

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