Sweetish Girl

I can’t understand.

No matter, how much I want to.

I can’t.

I wish I could change myself.

Why did we stop talking like we used too? Why can’t you want me the way I want you?Why can’t you be my sweetish girl?

If I was this; would you tell me, you rather that?

If I was that; would you tell me, you prefer this?

How can I have self respect? When I’m obsessed with you.

I desperately chased after you. Notice the past tense.

You straight up told me, “I don’t like you that way.”

I gave up going after you. I wish I could understand, why you don’t want me.

Of course I left. I had to leave.

You don’t want me.

Then you came back and smiled at me.


You don’t want to be my sweetish girl.

I can’t understand you.

No matter, how much I try to.

I wish you would be my sweetish girl.

Of course, I do miss you.

However, there is no way you will ever be my sweetish girl.

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